Brief Introduction


College of Foreign Languages (CFL) was formerly known as Department of English Language and Literature when Guizhou University was founded in 1942. Its history spans over 70 years.



As a cradle for foreign language specialists, CFL boasts rich cultural heritage. Upholding the tradition of excellence, CFL has seen a large number of brilliant alumni in varied fields. Among them, there are top diplomats and leaders in business and trade sectors, such as Long Yongtu, Li Jingguang, and Tang Benyuan; as well as researchers in science, such as Zhou Weijian, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; leaders in different organizations such as Li Longchang, Chen Hairuo, Yang Shengming, Chang Yong, and Cai Hu, to name but a few. Some alumni have become tenure professors in universities in the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Some others make their names in domestic universities with remarkable academic accomplishment.



Among its early faculty, there are well-known academic figures, such as Yang Xianyi, a world renown translator, Pan Jiaxun, China's first translator of Ibsen’s work, Ren Tai, a Harvord PhD degree holder;Song Zixia,Cheng Zhiyuan, patriotic scholars with their degree from prestigious universities from the U.S. Those early faculty members have been inspired the succeeding faculty to pass on the high academic standards. With unremitting efforts of past decades, CFL has fostered a culture which is rigorous, practical, innovative, and truth pursuing. It has become an institute which is teaching oriented, yet supported by strong research capacity.



CFL consists of five departments: Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Japanese Language, Department of Translation, Department of Business English and Department of Foreign Languages Teaching for Non-foreign -language Majors.



Undergraduate Education: CFL offers four undergraduate programs: English Language and Literature (two directions: English Language and Literature, Tourism English), Japanese Language and Literature (two directions: Japanese Language and Literature, and Tourism Japanese), Translation and Business English. And seven second foreign language courses are also available for students: namely English, Japanese, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish.



Graduate Education

The college conducts study of first-level discipline for foreign literature, under which three second-level discipline academic master’s degrees are offered. They are: English language and literature, linguistics and applied linguistics, and Japanese language and literature. CFL also offer professional master’s degree in English translation and Japanese translation. The capacity to offer such varied high level programs shows the exceptional academic strength of CFL.


In recent years, with the replacement of younger faculty members, tremendous strides have been made both in teaching and research. As a result, researches in linguistics, applied linguistics, US literature and British literature, translation study, and foreign language acquisition, have thrived with unique features. 



Foreign Languages Teaching for NFLM Students

CFL is responsible for foreign language teaching (including English, French, German, Japanese, and Russian) for 20,000 strong non-foreign-language-major undergraduate and graduate students from 31 colleges of Guizhou University. 




CFL hosts four research institutes including: Research Center for Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, American Studies Center, Japan Studies Center, and Research Institutes for Language and Philosophy of China and West. Those entities not only serve as important base for academic research of CFL, but also help to widen the research scope of humanities and social sciences study in Guizhou University.



Faculty  and Students

The total number of staff is 198, among them are there are 175 teachers, with 11 professors, 75 associate professors, and 88 lecturers. Ten of the full time teachers hold a doctorate degree, and 10 are pursuing doctor’s degree. 65% of the teachers have a degree of above mater’s degree. CFL also hire foreign teachers every from countries UK, the US, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Now the college is home to nearly 1,000 undergraduate students and about 200 graduate students.




The college has an independent teaching and office building, with advanced teaching and research facilities and language laboratories, and a library. The internet classrooms, analogue language laboratories, simultaneous interpretation classrooms, computer classrooms, and multimedia classrooms cover an area of more than 3,500 square meters with more than 4,000 seats. The college also boasts a library which covers more than 300 square meters with a collection of more than 30,000 books in foreign languages, 87 Chinese and foreign journals and over 300 kinds of audio and video materials.


Oversea Experience for CFL Students

The vision of CFL is to produce professionals with global horizon. It has established a number of overseas intern bases for students at foreign partner universities or organizations, such as Montclair State University in the USA, Japan JTB Consultancy (Beijing) Co. Ltd, OLJ Language School affiliated to Japan Kyoshin Company, and Japan Yamato Language College. Students are exposed to opportunities of going to  Japan or the US for oversea experience.  



International Corporation

The college has enhanced its international ties with overseas universities by various joint programs, such as MPA Master’s Degree program with Greenwich University, UK, and Phd Program in English Linguistics with Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand. Besides, it has also established close ties with universities including University of Birmingham of UK, Presbyterian College, and West Chester University of US, Saga University, Yamaguchi University, Soka University, Tottori University, Hiroshima University, and Nanzan University of Japan, Jianyang University, and Hanyang University of South Korea.



Community Service

The college is the test center for English and business English for higher education self-taught students. It is the only BEC and IELTS, JLPT test center in the province, and the only authorized provincial college foreign languages training center. The college has also started various training programs and overseas study services, such as training for BEC, IELTS, JLPT, Korean language, and CET tests, and training for people going abroad.

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