English Phrasal Verb Dictionary(H-J)
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English Phrasal Verb Dictionary(H-J)

List of Phrasal Verbs:


Hack (3)

Hack around
- Waste time
Hack into
- Break into a computer system
Hack off
- Annoy

Ham (1)

Ham up
- Perform or act in an excessive way to attract attention or amuse people

Hammer (3)

Hammer away at
- Work relentlessly
Hammer into
- Repeat something over a period of time to make someone remember it
Hammer out
- Negotiate and reach an agreement

Hand (6)

Hand back
- Return
Hand down
- Pass on to the next generation
- Give a formal decision
Hand in
- Submit work for appraisal
Hand on
- Give to someone else
- Transmit knowledge to the next generation
Hand out
- Distribute
Hand over
- Give

Hang (16)

Hang about
- Spend time somewhere not doing much
Hang about!
- Stop what you're doing and pay attention to me
Hang around
- Stay in a place
Hang back
- Not move forwards to avoid doing something
Hang back from
- Delay or avoid doing something
Hang in there
- Persevere, not give up
Hang it up
- Retire, quit
Hang on
- Wait
- Hold tightly
Hang onto
- Keep
Hang out
- Spend time socially
Hang out for
- Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want
Hang over
- Worry or trouble
Hang together
- Work together when things are difficult
Hang up
- End a phone call
Hang up on
- End a phone call with someone
Hang with
- Spend time with

Hanker (2)

Hanker after
- Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn't want it or can't have it
Hanker for
- Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn't want it or can't have it

Harp (1)

Harp on
- Talk repeatedly about something

Have (13)

Have against
- Dislike, disagree or hold a grudge (Usually negative)
Have around
- Entertain someone in your home
Have down as
- Think of someone or something in a particular way
Have in
- Have a supply of something in a particular place
- Get someone to do some work
- Entertain people in your home
Have it away
- Have sex with someone, especially casual sex
Have it in for
- Hold a grudge
Have it off
- Have sex
Have it out with
- Discuss or argue an issue to improve a situation
Have off
- Take time off work
Have on
- Be wearing
- Have an electronic device switched on
- Have an arrangement
- Tease, deceive
- Be in possession at a particular time
- Know something about someone that could harm them
Have over
- Receive a guest
Have round
- Entertain someone in your home
Have up
- Make someone appear in court

Head (4)

Head for
- Move or travel towards
Head off
- Stop someone or force them to change direction
- Prevent something bad happening
- Leave somewhere to go to another place
Head out
- Go out
Head up
- Be in charge

Heat (1)

Heat up
- Make food hot

Help (1)

Help out
- Give assistance

Hide (2)

Hide away
- Put something in a place where it won't be found
- Go or stay somewhere where you won't be found or away from people
Hide out
- Go or stay somewhere to avoid being caught or found

Hinge (2)

Hinge on
- Depend very much or completely
- Be an essential point for the development of a story
Hinge upon
- Depend very much or completely

Hit (10)

Hit back
- Attack or criticise
Hit for
- Get someone to pay or donate money
Hit it off
- Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person
Hit it off with
- Like someone from the first time you meet them
Hit on
- Have an idea
- Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually
- Ask for money
Hit out at
- Respond angrily to criticism
Hit up
- Inject drugs
- Ask someone for some money
Hit up on
- Inject drugs
Hit upon
- Have an idea
- Try to attract someone sexually
Hit with
- Surprise someone with some information or news

Hold (17)

Hold against
- Have a grudge against someone, or little respect
Hold back
- Not show emotion
- Prevent something moving forwards or progressing
- Not disclose information or make it public
Hold back from
- Not allow yourself to do something
Hold down
- Keep a job
- Stop someone or something from moving
Hold forth
- State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly
Hold off
- When bad weather doesn't appear
- Stop someone from attacking or beating you
Hold on
- Wait
- To hold tightly
Hold on to
- Hold tightly
Hold onto
- Keep as long as possible
- Hold tightly
- Hold tightly
Hold out
- Resist
- Hold in front of you
Hold out against
- Try to reject
Hold out for
- Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future
Hold out on
- Not pay someone or give them information
Hold over
- Delay
- To continue something for longer than planned
Hold together
- Not break up
Hold up
- Delay when travelling
- Rob with violence or threats thereof
Hold with
- Accept (usually negative)

Home (1)

Home in on
- Target

Hone (1)

Hone in on
- Target, focus

Hook (3)

Hook into
- Persuade someone to do something they don't want to do
Hook up
- Meet someone
Hook up to
- Connect to a machine

Hoon (1)

Hoon around
- Act in a dangerous or reckless way, especially when driving fast

Horse (1)

Horse around
- Not be serious

Hound (1)

Hound out
- Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc.

Hunker (1)

Hunker down
- Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there

Hunt (3)

Hunt down
- Search for someone to punish or kill them
Hunt out
- Search until you find something
Hunt up
- Search for and manage to find something

Hush (1)

Hush up
- Try to keep something bad from becoming widely known

Iron (1)

Iron out
- Remove small problems or irregularities

Issue (1)

Issue forth
- Come out of a place

Jabber (1)

Jabber away
- Talk fast or incomprehensibly

Jack (3)

Jack around
- Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises
Jack in
- Quit, give up
Jack up
- Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work
- Increase sharply

Jam (1)

Jam on
- Apply or operate something forcefully

Jaw (1)

Jaw away
- Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say

Jazz (1)

Jazz up
- Make something more interesting or attractive

Joke (1)

Joke around
- Be funny, or try to

Jot (1)

Jot down
- Make a quick note

Juice (1)

Juice up
- Make something more exciting or perform better

Jump (3)

Jump at
- Accept eagerly
Jump in
- Enter a conversation
Jump on
- Criticize, attack