English Phrasal Verb Dictionary(P)
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English Phrasal Verb Dictionary(P)

List of Phrasal Verbs:


Pack (6)

Pack away
- Put something where it belongs
Pack in
- Stop doing something
- End a relationship
- Fill a venue
- Break down, stop working
Pack it in
- Stop doing something (used as an imperative)
Pack off
- Send someone away
Pack out
- Fill a venue
Pack up
- Stop doing something
- Finish work
- Break down, stop working
- Collect things and put them where you keep them

Pad (2)

Pad down
- Sleep somewhere for the night
Pad out
- Make a text longer by including extra content, often content that isn't particularly relevant

Pair (3)

Pair off
- Begin a romantic relationship
- Introduce people, hoping they will start a relationship
- Form pairs
Pair off with
- Form a pair with someone
Pair up
- Form a pair

Pal (3)

Pal about
- Be friendly and spend time with someone
Pal around
- Be friendly and spend time with someone
Pal up
- Become friends

Palm (1)

Palm off
- Get someone to accept something that isn't true
- Pretend something is better than it is in order to sell it

Pan (1)

Pan out
- The way a situation develops

Paper (1)

Paper over
- Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it

Pare (2)

Pare back
- If you pare something back, you reduce the size or numbers.
Pare down
- Reduce, decrease

Pass (16)

Pass around
- Give out to everybody there
Pass as
- Be believed to be something
Pass away
- Die
Pass back
- Return
Pass by
- Go past without stopping
- Visit briefly
- Miss an opportunity
Pass down
- Transmit information or give property to younger generations
Pass for
- Be accepted as something, usually when not
Pass off
- Convince something that something is real
- Happen in a certain way
Pass on
- Give a message to someone
- Decline an invitation or opportunity
- Die
Pass on to
- Change topic or subject
Pass out
- Faint, lose consciousness
- Distribute
Pass over
- Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior
- Ignore, refuse to discuss
Pass round
- Distribute, give to people present
Pass through
- Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly
Pass to
- Give ownership or responsibility to someone
- Become owner of or responsible for something
Pass up
- Decline a chance

Pat (1)

Pat down
- Search or frisk someone

Patch (2)

Patch together
- Create or assemble something quickly without much planning
Patch up
- Fix or make things better
- Give an injured person basic medical treatment

Pay (4)

Pay back
- Repay money borrowed
- Take revenge on
Pay for
- Purchase
Pay into
- Deposit money
Pay off
- Completely repay a debt
- Produce a profitable or successful result

Peck (1)

Peck at
- Eat very small amounts

Peel (1)

Peel out
- Accelerate rapidly from stationary

Peg (4)

Peg away
- Keep working at something
Peg down
- Fasten something to the ground
Peg it
- Die
Peg out
- Put washing outside to dry
- Die

Pencil (1)

Pencil in
- Make a provisional appointment

Perk (1)

Perk up
- Feel better or happier, make someone feel better or happier

Peter (1)

Peter out
- Lose impetus and stop

Phase (2)

Phase in
- Introduce gradually
Phase out
- Remove gradually

Pick (9)

Pick at
- Eat unwillingly
- Criticise
Pick off
- Target individuals to change a group
Pick on
- Bother, annoy, criticize or make fun of someone
Pick out
- Choose
- Identify from a picture
Pick through
- Search something that is disordered for something
Pick up
- Improve
- Learn quickly
- Collect
- Receive (a broadcast)
- Collect (a person). This differs from the 'collect a thing' meaning - as that means 'collect and bring back' whereas this means either (i) 'collect and drop off on your way' or (ii) 'collect and bring to the same destination'.
Pick up after
- Tidy a mess someone else has made
Pick up on
- Correct someone when they say something wrong
- Notice something that most people don't
- React to something
- Comment on something said earlier in a conversation
Pick yourself up
- Recover from a fall or problem

Pig (2)

Pig off
- Used to tell someone to get lost or leave you alone
Pig out
- Eat a lot

Pile (5)

Pile in
- Enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile into
- Enter a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile on
- Add or give more or something
- Exaggerate or talk in a way to affect someone's feelings
Pile out
- Leave a place quickly, in a disorganised way
Pile up
- Accumulate
- Accumulate in a pile or heap

Pin (3)

Pin down
- Get a fixed idea, opinion, etc, from someone.
- Discover exact details about something
Pin on
- Attach the blame to someone
Pin up
- Fix something to a wall, or other vertical surface, with a pin

Pine (1)

Pine away
- Suffer physically because of grief, stress, worry, etc

Pipe (2)

Pipe down
- Be quiet (often as an imperative)
Pipe up
- To speak, raise your voice

Pit (2)

Pit against
- Compete or force to compete
Pit out
- Go into the pits (car racing)

Pitch (3)

Pitch for
- Try to persuade someone to give your work, business, a job, etc
Pitch in
- Work together to help achieve an objective
Pitch into
- Criticise severely or attack someone

Plant (1)

Plant out
- Put a young plant that has been grown in a pot or greenhouse into the ground